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Choosing a suitable location to apply: 

Decals will stick to any smooth, clean surface.

Surface Preparation:

The surface should be free from any dirt or debris. We recommend using any mild detergent on surfaces such as automotive paint, glass or plastic. Glass cleaners or ammonia based cleansers are NOT recommended. The surface must be completely dried off before application.

The surface should be the right temperature. The surface should be above 50° F, and ideally it should be 70° F or just above. Make sure there is no wind it will cause a problem if your decal is blown around as you are applying it. Also, it cannot be raining and the decal must not get wet prior to install.

Install instructions:

Do Not Peel Anything Yet!

Choose a location for your decal and tape it in place with masking tape. This will help you choose the absolute best location and help you obtain proper alignment. Apply the masking tape to an edge or two as needed. You can make adjustments by carefully lifting the masking tape and repositioning the decal to your liking.

Lining it up:

Use a water soluble pencil, which can be purchased as part of our install kit, to mark the application tape with a line. Make sure your line extends off of the application tape and onto the surface you are installing the decal on. At least two lines are needed.

Remove the masking tape: (The paper backing, not the application tape.)

Remove the decal assembly from the surface, leaving the pencil marks behind. Carefully peel the masking tape from the application tape. 

Applying the decal: 

Peel the backing from the decal leaving the decal affixed to the application tape. Carefully apply your decal by matching up the markings on the application tape and the surface the decal is being applied to. Use a squeegee, which can be purchased as part of our install kit, to smooth the decal in place. Work from the center outward with slow even strokes.

Removing the application tape:

SLOWLY and CAREFULLY remove the application tape from the applied decal. 

Even the pros get bubbles:

You will probably have some bubbles in your decal after installation. 

Small bubbles will go away as the decal sets. It will flatten out over time as the proper temperature helps it cure. To remove the bubbles faster, poke them with a pin to let the air out. Smoothing with your hand afterwards, plastic squeegees can scratch the decal. This works better in the proper temperature.

Storage after shipping:

After you receive your decals, they must be kept clean, dry, and flat. If your decal has been shipped in a tube we recommend you lay it out flat to uncurl before application. 

Removing Decals:

Decals peel easier when surface temperature is warmer, a warm sunny day is recommended. If you cannot wait, apply moderate heat with a hair dryer or heat gun peeling lettering and striping as they are warmed. If adhesive remains, use mild detergent to remove. 

Who can do it? 

Anyone with patience and these instructions can install vinyl decals. When installing large decals it is suggested that an adequately experienced person do the installation. Please keep in mind that we provide warranty on decals that have come from a defective lot of material

Installation related problems caused by wind, weather, surface temperature and failure to properly prepare the surface are NOT covered under warranty. 

We warranty any work that is professionally installed in OUR shop for up to 1 year unless it is determined that the problem with decals has been caused from insufficient customer care.


Application Tape - Application Tape is the semi translucent cover we put on your decal to keep the decal design spaced properly for application. It keeps letters and multiple parts of your decal evenly spaced. This is what makes the magic happen keeping your decal in order and helping you apply it.

Decal - Made of durable long lasting vinyl, this is what you are actually sticking to the surface. It is located between the application tape and the backing. When peeling your application tape the decal will come off attached to the application tape and remain pre-spaced ready to apply.

Backing - Like any sticker, this is the paper that you remove that keeps the decal adhesive clean until you apply it. You will discard this along with the application tape after the install.
Water soluble pencil A pencil used for marking application tape and surface for proper alignment.

Die Cut - Computer cut Term used to describe the process of making Performance Vinyl decals that gives them their clean edges and pre-spaces the lettering and design. 

Be Sure to test your detergent on an inconspicuous area if you are unsure if it will harm the surface. 

This page is to only to serve as a tool to help our customers.  Cyclone Custom Products will not be held responsible for any of the following: damage done to the surface as a result of an improper decal install, obstruction of view due to decal placement, damage done to surface with a heat gun.